Mrs. Harry H. Norman, Sr. Award Nominations

Please submit all entries to the Board office NO LATER than October 15th by 5:00 pm.

The following are the rules and regulations concerning the contest for the Mrs. Harry Norman, Sr. Award (Most Outstanding Residential Real Estate Transaction).

  1. Awarded each year for the most outstanding residential real estate transaction and for this purpose only.
  2. Any person is who is a member of the Atlanta Board of REALTORS® at the time the transaction is closed and the award is made, is eligible for the trophy.
  3. Any real estate transaction handled by a broker or a salesperson, acting as agent for another, is eligible for this contest.
  4. This trophy shall be awarded for the residential transaction that is outstanding, noteworthy, and shows the most initiative, ingenuity, originality, constructiveness, imagination, and ability. The size or consideration of the transaction shall not be of special importance.
  5. Any transaction entered in this contest shall be in writing and the nomination shall not consist of more than three thousand (3,000) words.
  6. The nomination shall be judged by the Awards Committee and approved by the Board of Directors.
  7. The trophy shall be awarded at the Annual Business Meeting each year and the recipient will also be recognized at the Million Dollar Club Banquet.
  8. The recipient's name shall be inscribed on the trophy and the winner shall have possession for one year. (A permanent plaque or scroll shall also be presented to the winner and retained by him/her.)
  9. The trophy shall be awarded for the transaction actually closed and consummated during the (12) months immediately preceding the closing date of the contest as announced by the Atlanta Board of REALTORS®.
  10. All entries must be certified by the applicant's principal broker. (If a principal broker is applying in his/her own name, his/her own certification will be accepted.)
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